Get in Shape for Your Dream Trek and Join the Community

Outdoor Group Trek Training for Women

Join the growing trekking community that will help you stay on top of your trail fitness in a fun and inspiring way!

Winter/Spring Season 2023: January 30 - May 26


We will break for two weeks from April 10 - 25.
Sheri will be leading a group along the Fisherman's Trail & Historical Way of Portugal.
This season has 15 weeks total of training!


Covid-19 Group Training Information

At this point in our adventure with Covid, wearing a mask at trek training is each individuals choice. Being in the great outdoors reduces our risk of passing Covid onto another, however it doesn't fully take the risk away. Therefore, Transformational Trekking asks that each person does what they need to do to keep themselves healthy. We also ask that each person is mindful of other people in the group and their preferences. We will ask you to stay at home if you have symptoms of Covid or have tested positive for Covid. More details on this will be listed in the program handouts. Due to Covid being a fluid matter rules may change as the season goes along.

Weekly - 1 hour 45 minute -Trek Training Sessions 

Monday: 10:00AM - 11:45AM   Yost Park in Edmonds 

Tuesday: 10:00AM - 11:45AM  Lower Woodland Park in Seattle 

Friday: 10:00AM - 11:45AM  Saint Edward's State Park in Kenmore 

*Two of the weeks during the season will be slightly changed from the above schedule:

Week of February 20 -24 Tuesday's class will be changed to Thursday
Monday (Feb 20) - Yost Park (no change)
*Thursday (Feb 23) - Lower Woodland Park*
Friday (Feb 24) - St. Edward's State park (no change)

Week of April 24 - 28, will be changed to the following (no Mon/Tues sessions):
Wednesday (April 26) - Yost Park
Thursday (April 27) - Lower Woodland
Friday (April 28) - St. Edward's State Park (no change)

*Start and end times will remain the same on these weeks.

*Remember that there will be a two week break from April 10 - 25.

Descriptions of each of the sessions

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 1 Hour 45 Minute Trek Training Sessions:

The weekly 1 hour and 45 minute sessions start out with a hiking specific warm-up that includes stick rolling, a 5-10 minute walk, simple glute strengthening exercises, and dynamic stretches. We then begin the "workout" where we intermix hiking with exercises that specifically train the muscles you will utilize on the trail and will help to improve your mobility, stability, and strength. Another part of our workout includes interval hill training to help increase your cardiovascular endurance for those long climbs on your treks.  This portion is done at your own pace as everyone walks at different speeds. The session ends with a cool down that includes a relaxed 5-10 minute walk back to where we started and static stretches to help improve flexibility and help prevent injuries. Rest assured that at any time during the session, if an exercise is taught that you do not feel comfortable doing or you know that you should not do, then Sheri will help you find an exercise that suits your comfort level or your needs, or you can opt to rest as well. 

Monthly 2.5 - Hour Forest Bathing Sessions:

Each month at a different park in the greater Seattle area, you will have an opportunity to immerse yourself into the woods in a different way, a slower way, a way called forest therapy also referred to as forest bathing. During a session, participants will be taken through a series of invitations inspired by the natural surroundings of the park. These invitations help to bring awareness to our 5 major senses, bringing us more into the now moment. Being more present and focused on our natural surroundings can help us to connect and create relations with our natural world as well as ourselves. After each invitation participants will have an opportunity to share what they noticed. The forest therapy session ends with a tea gathering prepared by the guide. Participants of forest therapy in the past, have noticed one or more of the following: improved mood, a sense of peace and calm, improved creativity, improved sleep, increased energy, reduced mental fatigue, increased patience, improved relationships, increased sense of gratitude and more. *Please note that forest therapy is not a workout or a hike nor is it a naturalist walk in the park where you learn about the plants and animals, and the guides are not therapists, the forest is the therapist.

Why should I sign up?

The best way to train for an outdoor adventure is in the outdoors!  This way your feet, ankles, knees and hips will gain stability and strength on the uneven surfaces that you will face on the trails. You won't even realize you are working out when you incorporate trek specific strength training as we hike.  These outdoor sessions will help you feel amazing on your next trekking adventure! And when you are well prepared you will help reduce the possibility of an over-use injury that could bring your trek to a quick end.

By joining, you will become part of the growing trekking community and gain new friends meeting people that feel the same calling as you… to explore the world by foot. You may even find your next perfect trekking travel buddy!

This outdoor group trek training program will:

  • Inspire and motivate you to train - rain, shine, sleet or snow!
  • Reacquaint you with your local parks and teach you various ways to train in the great outdoors.
  • Allow you to meet new friends, hiking partners, adventure travel partners and more.
  • Provide that place to come back to after your journey, where people get you, and truly do want to hear about your life changing trekking adventure.
  • Encourage you to maintain fitness levels so you can continue going on your other bucket list trekking adventures!

Investment for this 15 week season

  • 1 New to the Program? Your first 1 hour 45 minute training session is FREE! After you try out your first session you will be able to choose from single sessions, the 5-session package, the 10-session package or the unlimited package.
  • 2 One 1 Hour 45 Minute Session: $45
  • 3 Five Session package: $200 - $5 dollar savings per session
  • 4 Ten Session Package: $330 - $12 dollar savings per session
  • 5 Unlimited Package: $495 - The possibility of tons of savings per session! If you know you can make more than one session per week, this would be the package for you!
  • 6 *Sessions purchased for this winter/spring 2023 season must be used during this winter/spring season. *In the event that we must close down due to COVID-19, or some other pandemic or natural disaster, you will be given a refund of sessions you have remaining.

Any questions?  No problem - call or email me, Sheri Goodwin, at (206) 465-1795 or

Not sure if this program is for you? If two or more of the statements below describe you, then you will fit in well!

  • You have a trekking adventure planned and you want to be in prime hiking shape so you thrive on the trails
  • You are new to hiking and long distance treks and are excited to learn more and get started training
  • You enjoy stress free fitness training where you can work out at your own pace
  • You enjoy hiking, but have a hard time finding people to hit the trails with you
  • Working out in the gym atmosphere isn't your cup of tea
  • You want hiking specific training in the great outdoors
  • You have a hard time staying motivated to work out on your own and appreciate the inspiration a group brings
  • You'd like to meet other women who are as adventure-minded as you and learn about other exciting treks that you can add to your bucket list

Okay, so now you are ready! 🙂  Sign-up here:

Still have questions?  No problem - call or email me, Sheri Goodwin, at (206) 465-1795 or