Women Share Their Stories and Trekking Experiences

What is your next bucket-list adventure? For professional opera singer and voice coach Awilda Verdejo’s it was the 500 mile Camino de Santiago trek over the Pyrenees Mountains to Galicia in northwestern Spain. Awilda realized the trip of a lifetime involved getting herself physically and mentally prepared for the long arduous trek. To help her prepare for her epic adventure Awilda contacted Sheri Goodwin of Transformational Journeys in Seattle. Read why Sheri and Transformational Journeys was featured in Seattle Backpacker Magazine.


Tori Peters

Camino de Santiago & Choquequirao to Machu Picchu

Walking the Camino de Santiago had been a dream of mine for over ten years. I am an active woman who enjoys being outdoors and was drawn to the challenge and adventure. However, it did not occur to me to walk the 500 miles and carry a backpack of 20 pounds solo. At 69 years old, I realized that I was just
getting older.


Christina Schwarz & Herb Schwarz


We were planning a trip to Patagonia with a private guide who suggested we consult with Sheri to help us prepare physically for the trip. Because of our ages we were hesitant if we could accomplish such a trip. We are so glad we involved Sheri.


Adriane Raduenz

Everest Base Camp

After signing up for the Base Camp Everest trek, I worried about my conditioning and not being able to finish the 2-week adventure.
During a backpacking trip, a former client of Sheri told me about her work and training. I knew I had to meet Sheri and start a workout plan with her.


Inda Taylor

three 30+ day treks!

I’m on my third round of trek training from Sheri, and it’s time to weigh in with accolades. First Round 2014 prepping for the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances). Sheri instilled in me that I had the stamina (using her work out training) and confidence (EFT sessions) to carry a pack and walk the 500 mile journey one year after
heart surgery.


Joyce Y

Camino de Santiago

“You’re going to do what??!!! By yourself? How many miles? Isn’t there a bus tour you can take?” Just a sampling of questions and reactions when I told people I’m training to do a solo walk of the last 200 miles of the Camino de Santiago. Family and friends are used to my solo travels and walks, but not 17 days! This was longer and more strenuous than previous walks… I ‘m fit for my years, but definitely need more endurance to truly enjoy the walk and have time to reflect, as pilgrims do!


Catherine Ledbetter

Camino de Santiago

I enjoyed working with Sheri because of her warm, encouraging personality. I wanted to do half of the Camino de Santiago and knew it would be a stretch physically. I love to walk but had never been what you would call a hiker. I didn’t have a lot of upper body strength and wasn’t sure how I would do carrying all of my belongings on my back.


Barbara Bailie

France Biking Adventure

What a privilege it has been to work(out) with Sheri! She has the rare combination of integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of life.
After hearing her speak, I signed up for her 12 week physical training, EFT, and Reconnective Healing (RH) program. Physically, I wanted to re-gain a fitness level that would allow me to enjoy my biking trip in France without having to constantly worry about my fitness or stamina level.


Nancy Manring

Mauna Loa in Hawaii

After having a back injury and not being able to hike and barely able to walk because of the pain I had decompression therapy which helped and I was ready to start exercising and walking. I had a goal to climb Mauna Loa a mountain on the big
island of Hawaii.
I went to a talk Sheri had about the Camino de Santiago trek.


Annie Jacobsen


When gifted a trip to Nepal I was both excited and terrified. I have a breathing issue that restricts my ability to exercise. The thought of trekking terrified me. I was introduced to Sheri for training for the trek.


Joy Marr


“My adult daughter and I had a compressed three month training program with Sheri in preparation for our trip to Bhutan last fall. The main goal for me was to improve my balance and hiking ability. My knees and ankles are not the best or strongest in the world.


Susie Behrman

Camino de Santiago

“What drew me to Sheri? I’m often asked this question as it does not make “sense” for us to be working together! I live just out of Portland, Oregon and she in Seattle. Who hires a trainer 4+ hours away? Who? Me!

I have spent the last couple years having vision for going on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I have read many many books and met a few folks in person whom have gone.


Margie Stollsig

Camino de Santiago

“I had been dreaming of the Camino, planning for the Camino, reading book after book on the Camino wondering if I could really walk 500 plus miles. I attended for the second time a talk given by an author on the Camino at the Rick Steve’s travel center about a year ago. This second talk had an extra bonus at the end. Sheri Goodwin. I was so busy reading books on the Camino and buying gear I had paid little attention to my physical preparation for this long 500 mile journey I was about to take. She spoke from her heart on the importance of getting in shape for a long trek.


Awilda Verdajo

Camino de Santiago

“Sheri Goodwin’s work with the body is transformative. Sheri helped me prepare for my pilgrimage from St. Jean Pied de Port, France, through the Pyrenees to Santiago, Spain by working with my body to have better balance, flexibility, ease, core strength, stamina and power.


Rita Ireland

Nepal & Bhutan

“After just retiring from teaching, I took on a goal that would challenge my body and enhance my understanding of a new part of the world. So, when I learned about a women’s trek for 18 days in Nepal and Bhutan, I was both excited for the challenge and quite nervous about hiking on 65 yr. old arthritic knees, after meniscus surgery. Enter Goddess Sheri Goodwin, both an experienced trekker and personal trainer.