A Trek Training Program Specifically Designed for You

Individual Trek Training

Transformational Trekking creates individualized trek training programs for life changing trekking adventures! Your program will be designed for you and your specific trek, preparing you for the physical and inner journey that you will soon begin!

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Your TREK TRAINING PROGRAM will help you:

  • Increase your confidence and energy levels, so that you can have the courage to pursue your journey
  • Build up your heart and lung endurance for long steep climbs
  • Improve overall mobility, stability and strength helping to prevent unnecessary falls and common trekking injuries
  • Toughen up your feet for the long hike with safe mileage progression and weight increase in your backpack
  • Feel physically and spiritually energized so that you can have a profound transformational trekking adventure

Schedule your FREE 20 minute
Trek Training Strategy Session TODAY where we will:

  • Evaluate your current fitness level
  • Identify any challenges that might prevent you from enjoying your adventure to the fullest!
  • Learn the next steps you need to take to insure that you will thrive and have a transformational journey!
  • Learn whether an individualized training program is the correct route for you.